What is the Sygenta GMO Corn Lawsuit About?

GMO seeds have been genetically modified through scientific methods with foreign genetic material, DNA, being added to the seeds. The foreign DNA can come from other plants, bacteria, or some other life form which would never be found naturally in these seeds, so this should not be confused with hybrid seeds from cross-pollination.

Because of the foreign DNA, there are grave reservations about these products. Overseas markets may deny shipments of unapproved GMO products, which could be catastrophic to farmers.

In the case of the Sygenta GMO Corn Lawsuit, Sygenta sold two varieties of their genetically modified seed corn to U.S. farmers for billions of dollars while assuring them that China would be approving their product. This did not happen. The harvested GMO product was mixed with non-GMO corn. As a result China banned U.S. corn shipments in 2013 causing market prices to plummet. The market drop hurt even the farmers who did not plant the GMO corn.

The Sygenta lawsuit is on behalf of those farmers who did not use the GMO seed and sustained economic losses due to the foreign market ban.

Large corporations are going to be reluctant to acknowledge any wrongdoing they have committed and equally determined not to pay out money. It is particularly egregious when a corporation has been deceptive with their customers and when that deception hurts a whole market.

Preliminary Settlement Documents

MDL Memo Re: Prelim Approval of Settlement
MDL Motion for Prelim Approval of Settlement

Selecting the Right Law Firm

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