It happens more often that big pharmaceutical companies release new drugs on the market, advertise on the benefits of those drugs and makes massive profits. When patients take these drugs, they begin having complications, and it turns out the pharmaceutical company knew the problems before releasing the drugs to the market. The severe effects of these defective medical devices and dangerous drugs include deaths, cancer risks, and heart attacks as well as lost wages and diminished quality of life. More often the injuries are devastating than the conditions that resulted in using the medical devices or taking the prescription drugs.

Fortunately, the law provides consumers a way out if these drugs or devices injure them due to company’s negligence. Device manufacturers and drug makers have a legal responsibility to make sure their products are safe and meet the standards required by the Food and Drug Administration regulations. However, if a manufacturer flaws the approval process and in turn expose millions to risks, it is our duty at Salim-Beasley LLC to serve the injured nationwide by taking legal action on behalf of those adversely affected by these dangerous medical devices and recall the drugs.

Medical device and prescription drugs lawsuits are an area in law called product liability. Manufacturers should take full responsibility for protecting consumers by making reasonably safe products. The Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys of Salim-Beasley LLC want to put a stop the practice of manufacturers choosing profits over the welfare and health of patients. That is why as a law firm we have filed litigation against companies such as Baycol, Ketek, Vioxx, Actos, Zoloft, Pradaxa, Ephedra and more.

Several federal district court and U.S Supreme Court cases have produced favorable decisions in regards to seeking compensation from negligent drug and medical product companies. At Salim-Beasley LLC, our Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys are committed to pursuing all medical product liability cases regardless of the companies involved.