A mass tort is a civil action against one or a few corporations by many plaintiffs. To prevent clogging the courts with multiple individual cases, actions against corporate defendants are often consolidated into a mass tort. In federal court, mass torts may spread across many areas of the country as multi-district litigation. 

People sometimes wonder what the difference is between a mass tort and a class action suit. Class action suits are consolidated, like mass torts. But in a class action suit, a corporation has similarly injured plaintiffs. For example, the Cheater Phone Company has been charging customers for a service they did not receive. In a class action suit, plaintiffs have basically the same complaint, the harm is not egregious, and the suits would not be worth filing individually.

On the other hand, there are 3 main types of mass torts, disaster, toxic and product liability. In this type of action, unlike class action suits, plaintiffs have not been injured in similar ways. For example, in the case of defective drugs, each person may react differently and receive different harm from the drug. Plaintiffs may have been injured only moderately or a great deal. Mass torts are often brought against defective products or drugs, and these actions can be very complicated. Sometimes they involve a large network of attorneys sharing information. 

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