Tragedies do happen, including accidental fires and explosions. Such occurrences cause untold damage to property besides causing fatal injuries and even death. The devastation of such tragedies brings untold pain and suffering to victims and their relatives. Accidental fires can be as a result of carelessness in the handling of fire equipment like gas cylinders. Fuel oil explosions, gas ovens, gas cans, defective batteries, electrical boxes and hot water heaters can also cause them.

However, it is unfortunate that most fire victims don’t know their rights regarding such accidents. Most are not aware of the fact that it is the responsibility of manufacturers and supply companies to add warning labels to all their products prone to explosion under certain circumstances. When you suffer burns and other injuries due to the lack of or inadequacy of these labels, you are liable to compensation. Lack of this knowledge has led to unnecessary suffering in families affected by fires and explosions. Lost of homes, lives, limbs have all occur due to fires and explosions. Recovery can be a long road for you and your family.

Peradventure you find yourself in fire victim circumstance, file a ‘failure to warn’ lawsuit against the negligent parties. This being a delicate matter, engaging the services of a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney, can be the most logical thing to do. The law firm of Salim-Beasley LLC carries out thorough investigations of such accidents in order to lay the groundwork for a formidable case on behalf of the client. The firm advises on all the possible outcomes of the case, laying bare the ramifications of every step of action to be taken. This ensures that, as a client, you are always informed.

If you have recently suffered fire injuries at home or at work, contact the law firm of Salim-Beasley LLC today for professional legal redress of the matter and compensation.