On the job injuries occur in every occupation. While many employers carry Worker’s Compensation insurance to cover work related injuries, some are not required to do so. If you were injured working as a seaman or fisherman, maritime law will govern your claim. An experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney familiar with maritime law and the Jones Act is best equipped to help you recover money for your injuries and lost wages. 

What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is also known as admiralty law. It was designed to regulate activities that occur on the sea. Since Louisiana is on the border of the Gulf of Mexico, many people earn their living working in this capacity. Unfortunately, many of these jobs are dangerous and have a high rate of injury. In maritime law, workers are able to bring a negligence claim against their employer under the Jones Act. Workers can also bring claims against employers if the vessel they are working on is not seaworthy. 

What Occupations Are Governed By Maritime Law?

This law covers those who work at sea. Most cases involve fishermen, seamen, longshoreman, tug boat workers, cooks, mates, merchant mariners and those who work in harbors. However, this law may also extend to passengers on ships and those who are business contractors. 

What Constitutes Employer Negligence?

If you were injured while working on the water, you may be entitled to sue your employer if he was negligent. Some examples of negligence include failing to perform maintenance vessels, working in severe weather, forcing workers to work too many hours without adequate rest and failing to train the crew in an appropriate manner. There are many different scenarios that can occur working at sea and maritime attorneys know how to handle each case appropriately. 

Those who are injured working on the water in Louisiana may be able to file a personal injury case under maritime law. Contact a personal injury law firm for a consultation and evaluation of your case. Salim-Beasley LLC has over 50 years experience in maritime law. They will be happy to discuss your case and help you recover the settlement you need to recover from your injuries and move forward in life.