Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle or in a bus accident it is important for you to know your rights and what you should do after the accident. Salim-Beasley LLC, personal injury attorneys can walk you through each step you need to take to get the compensation you need.

Differences between Motor Vehicle / Bus Accidents

There are many differences between motor vehicle and bus accidents. For example, in a motor vehicle accident, the drivers fill out the police report, show their license and insurance and are usually on their way. In a bus accident, things work differently. Not only can the driver be found at fault, but also the company can be. More information is needed in these cases. An attorney would typically gather the information like the driver’s employment history and qualifications. The driver would have to undergo a drug/alcohol test. The attorney would also thoroughly examine all of the vehicles involved.

Injuries that can occur

Many types of injuries can occur when in an accident. Simple injuries such as minor whiplash or a minor abrasion can happen. More serious events can occur like head trauma, spinal injury, severed limbs or cardiac arrest. In many cases, victims have several of these injuries together. Unfortunately, death can also occur in an accident. 

How We Can Help You

Salim-Beasley LLC has been winning cases for clients for many years. Whether you need a motor vehicle accident attorney or a bus accident attorney, they are the company for you. They can advise you on how much time you have to file a claim and let you know if there are any exceptions in your case. They will fight the big insurance companies for you so that you don’t have to deal with them. In many cases, the insurance company will settle. If not, they are ready to go to trial for you. 

If you have found yourself in an accident, you need a professional attorney who knows the business inside and out. Salim-Beasley LLC knows what to do and how to fight to get you all that you deserve. You didn’t ask for this to happen. Now your bills are piling up with no end in sight. Don’t suffer any longer. Let them get to work for you today to bring you peace tomorrow.